Search Engine Optimization 

The two important areas for success are -

The keywords you use on your own web pages (on page-seo) and the links on external websites that point to your site (link building).


The links to your website are one of the most important factors for high search engine rankings.

Link building for  search engine optimization, (SEO) requires successful link building.

Your website requires in bound links from relevant websites. To get high search engine rankings on Google, Yahoo and other major search engines, then your website must have many good inbound links

Good content, understanding your online community and knowing how to get external sites to link to yours is what you need to build quality links. Search engines look for more information in the links that point to your website.The more relevant the other websites  who link to your website, the higher  your search engine rankings will be.

Choosing quality outbound links  to other websites shows  your website visitors that you have confidence in your site and that your website can be trusted. If you don't have outgoing links then you will send your visitors back to search engines.

 Linking to other sites adds value to your website ,sending your visitors to other websites can improve the experience of visitors who visit and those websites linking to yours can send their visitors to yours in return, thus building a good steady stream of traffic.

You can see who links to your web site at Link-Popularity.com:  

This service provides an easy one-click method of checking link popularity on three of the major search engines. They also provide a free monthly customized Link Popularity Report via e-mail.

Caution  must be taken when linking to other websites. If you link to websites that are spammers then search engines might ban your website from their search results. If a website is offering techniques that look too good to be true example: ("Get 1000’s of  links with our automated system")then use common sense don’t link to that site.

Always remember the websites you link too, Will contribute to the image that your web surfers have about your site, offering your visitors links to relevant ,interesting and good websites makes great business  sense as it  is clear that quality  inbound links are extremely important to get high rankings on google. 


Using Link Machine
Reciprocal link exchange management software that makes it easy to find and contact quality link partners, generate custom link pages that match your site, and keep track of reciprocal links. LinkMachine automatically updates your link pages the instant they're changed - no uploading required. Link exchanges increase a site's targeted traffic, search engine ranking, and sales.



 Why Keywords are the most important part of SEO

I would emphasise the importance of choosing the right keywords , choosing the right keyword type For your web pages will lead to high search engine rankings and sales.


What type of keywords to use:

keywords for comparing and keywords for buying.

I would choose Keywords for comparing, as these types of keywords usually work well  for the best search engine optimization.

Keyword phrases are very effective because most people use a two to four word phrase in a search term to find the results they are looking for. These phrases get the most conversions. Use relevant and targeted  keyword phrases , Very  specific  keywords,  generate  highly  qualified ,targeted  traffic which will help to increase your sales.

Targeting the right keywords, will save you time and money. You should invest the time in optomizing your web pages for the keywords that will get your website high rankings so that the time spent on good key word optimization will convert to sales.




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