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The Importance of Link cloaking

We're all aware that affiliates are losing their sales from 10-40% of commissions because of affiliate link stealing.I can’t confirm the stats but I don't doubt it.

This is a real problem that a lot of affiliates are facing. That is why I recommend Cloaking ALL Your Affiliate Links for Better Protection! I call this a necessary insurance policy

Do YOU believe that affiliate link hijacking is affecting your business?

Commission theft happens, it can be from installed programs with hidden applications that can be secretly bundled inside software that you may have downloaded for free on the internetThis kind of software can find an affiliate ID and replace your ID or URL with another thus redirecting your commission to someone else

You may have a customer or anyone substitute another affiliate ID for yours in order to redirect your sales commission after you did all the work

As an affiliate marketer you spend a lot of effort in developing your websites, running your promotional campaigns, writing keyword enhanced articles, improving your seo, that’s why when it comes to the call to action, the "click this link" part, most affiliate marketers fail in there own protection.

There’s no reason for so many affiliate marketers to be leaving their affiliate links vulnerable more reason to cloak your urls and links

Url Shorteners are being used everywhere for promoting products online, or on microblogging platforms/posts.Quite simply if you're NOT using URL shorteners to promote your products, then you're losing commissions, period!

Right now you can save $$$ per month

while acquiring more advanced features, with a more intuitive, easy-to-use service...

All by getting this ONE Free Membership to help to manage your promotion URLs -

In particular your shortened URLs!(Before you spend way to much on way too little, read on!)

By using URL shorteners to reduce your long links down to only a few characters.

You know the types - you see them on places like Twitter and other microblogging platforms (ie. My.Space,, as well as in emails, web sites of all sorts.

They're used to reduce the amount of space in your writing to these venues.      Recently, I've seen more and more people use these in the promotion of products and services!

Think about the possibilities there... as you already guessed, you simply hide your affiliate link using these services.

There is one dilemma in using these services though, each one has a particular set of features - that may have a good perk or two, but come with some major disadvantages as well - like not being able to get access to the URL your’ve just shortened to change it or track clicks or click trends.

None of the services I've used thus far seemed to have the 'best of the best' features combined into one service * while keeping it affordable! * so that you can take advantage of all of those advanced features on one single URL shortening site....

Until now! Thank my lucky URLs!

(okay, cheesy, but you'll see why after you read the features on this product!)

This service alone is not only saving you dozens of dollars each month but it's also saving on sanity by allowing to manage you urls in a concise, intuitive, full-featured manner that allows anyone to focus more on their business and less on how to use the service!


Make sure you see all of the advanced features that (for a limited time) come with the Free Accounts!








There's one thing you need to know about this site and that is that these features rock!

In my using Url Shorteners to "scrnch" my URLs down to nothing, all of the features you've always wished to have they have!

Even the fancier and more advanced features - like keyword tracking and this cool time-saving tool (we call it a "scrnchlet") which allows you to automatically port the page details to the Scrnch.Me site for URL shortening all in one click!

(It's simply brilliantly smart, simple and intuitive!)If you are promoting any product at all - anywhere, and you're using a URL shortening service other than Scrnch.Me then you're missing out on some wicked cool features.

One Special Note:------------------There *IS* indeed a Premium Member Plan (currently it includes a 14-Day Free Trial) which MOST of you will find invaluable! Most are listed on the features page with the letter "P" and on their pricing page, but make sure you look for the feature on PageRank.


This feature ALONE is worth the pennies to try their Premium Service - let alone the other features that you'll get on top of it.

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I can't stress enough about the Free Accounts with all of their advanced features! It's normally $10 per month but during this introductory launch pricing - it's a mere $0.00 (that's ZERO, nada, zilch!).

The Premium is normally $20 per month - but is now only $9.97

(which includes a 14-Day Free Trial) and is only available on a limited basis.

(I've paid double for similar services - I will not name that site here though.)

P.S. After contacting their support I was told of a few features coming and was blown away - mostly they'll be for Premium Members Only and they did indeed say that when those are released, the price will Jump to $29.97 / month (not the current $10 / month).

Not only that but they'll be putting together videos on not only HOW to get the most of their URL Shortener but why/how/where to use them - including how to incorporate their most valued Premium Features into jettisoning your promotion efforts.

Explode your residual income and in helping others take control of their shortened URLs at, by using any or all of these great tools below..It's always important to dress up your affiliate link.

You don't need to be a programmer, or web designer, or even tech savvy. None of that is necessary. You have so many ways to easily cover those aweful links for good and it's so simple-that yeah-I'll say it:

A child could do it!I hear that a lot at theinternet marketing forums and blogs.

A common cry for help from Internet marketers, "I know it's important but with so many choices and advice-I don't know what to do". Believe me, I feel your pain! And you're not alone. That is why affiliate link cloaking is a common recurring topic on the Internet marketing forums.

Here's a useful link cloaking tool to help protect and hide your affiliate links.

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