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Easy Way To Start A Website

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Easy Way Build A Website Cheaply!


Global Internet Website - benefits of having Your OWN!


The Question to ask is DO YOU Need A Website?

Research shows that more consumers now search and assess products and services EXCLUSIVELY online

A good optimized website with high ranking increases your exposure, to those who research or buy online. This means by having a website you are effectively attracting the attention of local and global customers to your business

Technology is advancing therefore access to the global communities has become much easier and the next generation of internet shoppers will continue to grow. In fact it’s very possible that in the not-too-distant future the majority of the population will research and source products using the internet only  

More Consumers are doing research before they buy from a business (whether its online or not) they want to know about the business and compare what’s on offer and how it benefits them. For this reason If you do not have a presence on the internet then on current research a high% of consumers will never know you exist

This means that if you do not have an internet presence you are effectively missing out of your share of potential customers who search online everyday to make comparisons with your products and other competitors who are already doing business online

It's hard enough in business already without being in a situation where you have no website to attract the attention of your potential customer base. The next generation of shoppers being 'techno - savvy' will continue to grow

Adding to the dilemma is the fact that simply NOT having a website does not guarantee you will be seen. While you may not yet be ready to sell online having a website at least increases your exposure to those who research online

So why not be in charge of your own business and create a website that will bring you a fantastic income for years

These days it doesn’t need to be expensive to get started there are many reasonably priced hosting companies.You will want to do your homework and choose a reputable hosting company that can be relied upon to have your website seen for years to come


I suggest take a look at Global Domains International (GDI) offer an opportunity for you to get a website started 


They are a fantastic webhosting company that anyone can get going with because .WS is a globally accessible top level domain that works just like .COM and you can try their  ‘FREE’ 7 day trial  



GDI - website.WS provides you with a simple-to-use site builder tool which allows you to build a website very quickly and update it any time you like

1.   The freedom to promote any products you are interested in

2.   Market your own products

3.   Build a list of customers who return to your website not someone else’s

4.   You can be creative, have fun building a website that is 100% You

5.   Create a website personal or business

6.   Your completely in charge

7.   Your website may be 5 or more pages with great content so on every page of your website you could be a “SUPER Salesperson” offering products and creating an online business that will give you profitable returns for years to come


So you really are serious about making money from home or your business and you haven’t already got a website then you need to get your very own domain name and website Today!



About Domain Name and Hosting


The domain name is the name you want to give to your website. For example, the domain name of my site is –


To get a domain name, you will have to pay an annual fee (average cost) to a domain registration company for the right to use that name


This may not get you a website, just the name. Once you have your own domain name, you will need to choose a hosting company, hosting packages vary in cost but expect to pay not much more than / month for a good webhost


I personally chose GDI as they offer a great deal

 Pay per month which covers: domain name - your website hosting - 10 email addresses - an easy to use website builder and the option to use any of the professionally designed templates available if you want to set up a website in minutes


FEATURES - WS Site Builder 4.02


Powerful Content Editor – Fine tune your colour scheme to create the perfect look. Add Content format your content with bullets – numbering - hyperlinks

Built-in Image Editor - Some useful features: Crop, Resize, Rotate, Rounding corners, Red Eye reduction, Speech Bubbles and Text insertion plus much more

Plugins - ready-made features you may add to your WebSite

Templates – Blog - Photo galleries – Feedback form - Guestbook  

GDI Tools - Allows adding GDI Videos – Banners - Buttons and other tools to user pages



Easy Steps 1. 2. 3

 Choose a Design 


Templates – General – Hobby – Music – Family - Business


  • Start - with one of GDI WebSite professionally design templates, completed from within your Internet browser no need to use special software              
  • Create - an unlimited number of pages. Choose page layouts that feature your site to the best advantage… (some templates may have a maximum number of page tabs that can be displayed in the navigation bar of your site.)You can test different templates to choose what works best for your website content 
  • Up-date Your Website anytime most changes will be live within 15 minutes or less


Create a Unique Website 


  • File Upload - your own images by clicking the "Upload File" icon allows you to browse your desktop and select files for upload allows you to upload multiple files at once
  • Add files - such as, audio, video, archives, widgets, or almost any other file type. Click "Browse" to locate the file you wish to upload. Click "Upload" to then add the file to your Gallery and the page

Publish it!


  • Preview your site - with one click to view and navigate before you publish to the Web
  • Publish your Web site - with one click you’re live on the Web


While a WebSite is usually immediately visible once published,depending on how your browser and ISP use caches, it may take up to 24 hours for you to see your published WebSite.


How easy - just click and build your website online and if your interested in making some extra income, they are a unique webhosting company as there is an affiliate business opportunity that once you join can easily earn you a residual income and cover the cost of your monthly webhosting account by referring others


Why Choose - to purchase your domain name and hosting from the SAME Registrar


When somebody types in your domain name into their computer – your registrar will know where to locate your site because they also host it for you. This makes your website appears on screen very easy 



Can I upload my own HTML pages for use with SiteBuilder?  


·     Sorry No! If you have your own HTML pages, you will want to use their hosting option instead of Site Builder. There is no additional fee for doing so. Both options are included in your monthly fee for the respective domain


Now - what happens if your hosting is not with the same company you used as your registrar?


In this case – your registrar would not know where your site is hosted and therefore your site would not show online, where to send visitors when your domain name is typed in. To avoid this you would have to ‘point’ your registrar to your hosting company, you would simply ‘link’ together your registrar and your webhost company.(You do this by changing your registrar’s Domain Name Servers.) whichever way you choose it is crazy not to have your own domain name and website, millions of people are enjoying the benefits of the internet


So get started right now!!





To Your Success






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